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What is iGive.com - How it Works

Three Easy Step

It’s free, it’s easy, and every purchase you make generates a donation to your favorite cause, the CHURCH.

How To:
It is fast and easy. The web page will walk you through it, but for your convenience I included the steps below, when you go to www.igive.com

    1. Got to the section that says, step 1, "Find and Select a cause". And follow the prompts the web page gives you. In the key word search type in Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sayville. Continue the prompts.
    2. The web site will give you a list of causes, MAKE SURE YOU SELECT THE ONE THAT SAYS, Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Church.
    3. Continue following the prompts and register with iGive.com, and your done.

Important Rule of Thumb
WHENEVER you shop online you have to go through iGive.com so the Church can get the percentage the store is offering. They have a list of stores by A-Z, category, or by percentage they give. Select the store you want, and Shop, Shop, Shop, Shop, Shop, Shop!